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Oliy ta’lim tizimidagi xalqaro hamkorlik soha rivojining ob’yektiv trendi hisoblanadi.

Navoiy davlat konchilik institutida “Navoiy davlat konchilik institutida innovatsiya, ilm-fan yutuqlarini ishlab chiqarishga joriy etish: natijalar va istiqboldagi rejalar” mavzusida matbuot anjumani bo‘lib o‘tdi.

Navoiy davlat konchilik institutida xorijiy universitetlar bilan hamkorlik aloqalarini o‘rnatish va rivojlantirish doirasida navbatdagi xalqaro seminar bo‘lib o‘tdi. Tadbirda institut professor-o‘qituvchilari, talabalari, Germaniyaning Freyburg universiteti professori va talabalari, shuningdek NavDKI qoshidagi 2-sonli litsey hamda Navoiy davlat pedagogika instituti vakillari ishtirok etdi.

Navoi State University of Mining and Technology Nukus branch signed a cooperation agreement with Karnataka Surathkal National Institute of Technology of the Republic of India.

Today, large-scale work is being carried out in our country to create a higher education system that meets the main directions of socio-economic development and the requirements of international standards. The scientific community is endlessly happy, especially because so much attention is paid to education and science.

For the first time, the Muruntau Forum was held at the Navoi State Mining Institute with the participation of rectors of higher educational institutions. The event was dedicated to the fulfillment of the tasks set by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev at a videoconference dedicated to priority tasks in the higher education system on June 16 this year.

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According to ancient history, the territory of Uzbekistan was an integral part of the Jahan civilization and was considered a place of science, culture, art and enlightenment. In particular, the discovery of an ancient chakmoktosh deposit and a workshop of stone weapons dating back to the Neolithic era in Uchut Navbakhor district of Navoi region indicates that local residents have been engaged in mining since ancient times.
As a result of research conducted by our tree scientists in most of the territory of Kyzylkum, it was found that Navoi region and Kyzylkum as a whole are famous for their natural beauty, drawings engraved on stones, testifying to the life of our ancestors who used tools and hunting for life, rich reserves of mineral raw materials, that this land is one of the centers of culture that have contributed to the history of world civilization. proven.